Reply To: Suggestion: Deserters?

Avatar photoAgravaine

Both deserters (or something similar) as “Late game bandit enemies” as well as real human factions are on our planning schedule.
I admit that most enemies at the moment can’t keep up with the player progression (maybe except orcs). So we are already discussing lots of late game content right now.

Bandits are really no threat at all once you go past leather armor. I do avoid them however because those !#%&#*&@ archers just keep running away and you spend a good 3-4 turns chasing them down. Annoying timesuck while the outcome is clear. I doubt it be easy to work into the game, but can you make archers make a “stand their ground” or something when they are all that is left of the opposing army? Because right now all they do is run, they can’t shoot or you’ll catch them so they run to the end of the map and you waste a lot of time chasing them when they are by all means just dead men walking. Makes me just cancel the fight when I see “a few bandit marksmen”.