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>> This might be confirmation bias, but from what I’ve seen so far-

Take off your full helm.
I said- take your full helm. I don’t know what you’ve seen, but I strongly doubt you’re seeing things right.

I have 3 Hedge Knights with Strong trait, 2 Adventurous Nobles with Fearless trait. Do I look like I’ve scouted a number of recruits?
Most importantly……. I didn’t wear any helmet which hinders my sight. This makes me 2x more credible than you.

From my experience, it seems certain backgrounds have significantly higher chance to get certain traits. Still, I not sure because memory without record or statistics is biased as sh-

I wish there are other ways for brothers to gain experience. When we can have more than 12 brothers in our group, we can send some to training center or quest, or allow them to gain some experience even if they do not participate in battle.