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The thing is that after some point money stop being a issue. And professionals have much higher potential and end statistic.
Higher cost is just to make non professional character viable.
Current economy let player earn quick bucks really fast making non pros characters obsolete fast.

Some proposition of quick fix to prevent this.
#make armours more costly compared to weapons(after all well made armour was really costly), increase armour price 2 times for soft and 3 or 4 times for metal
#make repairs of metal armour more costly in tools(like 2 times)
#make armour to be destroyed like a weapons are(when they reach 0 durability), it add some more micro but it consistent with weapons and make keeping company alive more costly
#lower chance for looting armour from enemies or dead characters(make some armours non lootable(destroyed) if they are on red duralbity)
#make orc weapons worthless for human traders(they are to crude and too heavy for troops to use and really I wonder who will pay good money for this), instead make orcs drop ears/arms/heads that can be sell like ghouls teeth(so its simple bounty hunting), they can even vary in worth like low worth for young ones but high for boss one.
#lower cash player get for weapons to like 1/4 current price and make some simple weapons9like knifes or sticks or pitchforks) worthless
#lower cash player get for sold armour to 1/2(you can still sell it for current price but it is more costly to buy or loot and repair one)
##After all mercenary company are not traders, they have no time or no connections to get better price for this stuff.
#Increase maximum body count in company(having more people to pay and less cash from loot will make low upkeep brothers more valuable even if they have worse stats), it also allow for player to have some spares and train replacement even when front line is still alive
#expand and fix questing, now its just boring and have little connection with game world