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Hey Silenceohlovit,
to keep things more simple and accessible for (almost) everyone we decided to have English as the official forum language. So I’ll answer some of your questions this way :)

1) Level cap at level 11:
We internally had some heavy discussions on this topic. We will probably raise the neccessary experience for reaching higher levels. On top of that we may introduce additional levels where you only gain stats and no perk points, but we will have to see. Another solution would be stretching out the perk points to be gained only every other level.

2) What are our plans on the whole game direction and the worldmap:
I can only say theres a big rework in the planning and there will be a bigger map and different human factions working against each other. More infos cant be given at this point :)

3) Elves and Dwarves:
This comes up a lot, as we already implemented werewolves and orcs. Nevertheless I personally am not a big fan of Elves and Dwarves and I think theres a more down to earth feeling and believalbe atmosphere if we just have playable humans. Its similar to the orginal Xcom where you get this cool “mere mortals agains the rest of the universe” feeling.

4) Dragons as Bosses:
Never say never i guess :)

5) Some Traits will be gained or lost depending on certain events when we introduce the event system.

6) Manageable player settlements are not planned at the moment. Allthough there will be alot more ways to influence the prosperity and development of settlements, castles etc.

7) More weapons and armor will be added constantly. There are already some good “dagger” builds somewhere in the forum. We will soon implement the possibilites for enemies to retreat from the battle just like the player. So you wont have to infinitely chase down the last two archers.
It would be great if we could convince you to give us your support. We’ll do our very best to earn it and there are a lot of updates coming up.


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