Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoInvictus73

I thought we are talking about almost the same thing, taking out fragile targets with high threat?

Rereading it, you are absolutely right. Forgive me; we read too quickly these days, especially when it comes to what we see online!

May I ask why do you use aimed shots? Because I find normal shot gives higher aggregated damage(accuracy) per fatigue cost. I never face serious issue of ammo, though I used all arrows most of the time. Incidentally, I didn’t use bow anymore. I also plan to replace the last range brother with hybrid(melee + range) brother.

The real answer is that I am still a clueless novice! ;)

It’s probably because Quick Shots missed so much when I used them at lower levels to the point where the overall impression that they suck stuck. First impressions are ever important.

Heh, who do you think you’re talking to? Without billhooks, Perfect Focus has only about 50% power. Also, I think billhook has to be my MVP weapon though my favorite weapon is greatsword.

LOL, sorry. I thought you were some tough talking dude who thought they were farming implements not intended for serious soldiers like yourself! ;)

Why greatsword over greataxe? In my brief tests, greataxes seem to consistently hit harder.