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SLAVES… I know its dark but this is no pg game being torn apart no small matter, but not every one on battle field dies. why not hold captives. now you not keep a man with out a arm let him bleed out. but a healther man with a few cuts not to bad on market and your men can beat them make them happy or o no hunting packs about get me cut slaves free that hunting pack will eat them as we get away. if you not like call them slaves call them captives. but I know im selling them 😉 bank. people are worth a lot back than.

Slavery and human trafficking is outlawed and thus hardly a common practise in the part of the world where Battle Brothers takes place. There’s also a few references to it already in the game, such as the Disowned Noble background having the attempt of human trafficking as a reason for him being exiled. It could be argued that serfdom is only a small step up from slavery, of course, but such is the way it works. That doesn’t mean that slavery isn’t a thing in other parts of the world, for other cultures, and if we were to ever explore those other parts we may well take a look at slavery in the future.

Another topic…. just as BAD
you fight bandits you win on live you heal him by waiting a day you have options beat him shits and giggles, let him go , keep him , or torturing to find out were rest his friends are. selling him but we talked about this.

Interrogation has come up before. It’s unlikely we’ll include this as a gameplay mechanic of its own, but it may come up with an event or two after battle.

playing as a bandit killing farmers raiding towns go to bandit spawn area to sell stuff get new guys your gear bandit hide outs or people you killed yesterday

As we said before, this game will always be fundamentally about commanding a mercenary company, never about leading a bunch of outlaws, a trading caravan, or what have you. Making for good gameplay in the long term that does justice to running a mercenary company in a quasi-medieval world is an ambitious task in itself, and something we still have a lot of work to do on, so we’ll focus entirely on that. Things like running a group of bandits would require a lot of attention in order to be more than just a gimmick.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be different flavors to running a mercenary company available, and different ways to act in the world – including what you’d call dark, like resorting to raiding the occasional lone farmstead if your men run out of food. The upcoming event system includes opportunity for some less benevolent choices, and events will also trigger based on your reputation in the future.

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