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They are some species that have inhuman powers and feed on blood. Fine with me. Immortal or semi immortal make perfect leaders for enslaved human faction. The court of vampires ruling over masses of enslaved humans with help of possessed/brainwashed caste of warriors(Janissaries). It make now pretty clear why Vlad Palownik stick some Turks on stake. Jokes aside – its more reasonable for vampires ruling over humans than having zombies or skeletons, for a simple reason humans are perfect source of fresh blood.
Also it will give vampires much more personality than they have now. Make them as a sort of sultan court with human Janissaries and other slave troops. Their raiders come to steal people and animals. They could have economy based on slave labour and caste system. Some of their human slaves can be fanatical when other can be just opportunistic. Some of them can use alchemic potions(based on vampires blood) to become stronger fighters(making them go after you even if they are killed – going back from dead just to kill you). There can be a lot of flavour for this faction. Right now we have some generic undead.
>Not happy with this.

Actually I was taking some notes the other day for an undead faction overhaul, by dividing them in 3 subfactions, vampires, necromancers and roaming undead, and introducing a few new units. Goal was make the undead faction stronger, more diverse and logical.

Edit: For example that vampires can’t animate corpses, so they have no zombies or skeletons. Or necromancer have apprentices who help them out. Or vampires appear as humans if they move on the world map…