Reply To: 143 Hours played so far

Avatar photoInvictus73

I didn’t play BB like two weeks I think. Game is good at tactical level but is poor at global map. Limited quests, not working economy, no reputationand no personalization. |Just feel like one band show with lack of other actors.
Still tactical battles are great.

Agree with all your points, with the proviso that tactical fights are great except a few scenarios:
*night battles (can’t see shit, and it’s so bad it may impair my eye health in the longrun)
*forest battles (too much obstruction impeding movement)
*ranged AI (they just run and run, and the mop up process of finding them takes far longer than the initial clash)
*all three of the above combined (I try to avoid such situations by never initiating fights at night or in forests, but sometimes you get jumped by ranged bandits at night and in a forest, and that’s more painful than just about anything I’ve experienced in gaming).