Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

Avatar photoInvictus73

You sure your 110 melee skill has 95% hit chance against shieldwall? Let’s say a shield reduce hit chance by 10%, shieldwall will reduce 20% hit chance in total, so 110 melee skill should be 90% hit chance if there are no other factors such Fast Adaption, weapon accuracy, height difference, overwhelmed etc. Not to mention some shield reduce hit chance by 15%, thus reduce 30% hit chance with shieldwall. 110-30 =80

I think I am fairly sure, but I am only a man, and thus always fallible. But I don’t think I ever even recall this guy having less than ninety five percent chance.

Edit: He’s a sword user: A Swordmaster Riposte bot. So perhaps that explains it?