Reply To: Neither generalist nor specialist: A "Hybrid" approach to team building

Avatar photoHoly.Death

By the way, I don’t understand all the fuss about Lost Souls.
I just fought them and wiped them in 3 rounds, with zero armor damage even.
I guess it helped that all my six of tanks now have Fortified Mind (I changed the team again), but I could see a variety of other ways where these guys can be made trivial. For instance, the 4 Perfect Focus ranged guys set up may take them even in two turns, as Lost Souls melt in one hit.
A much ado about nothing.

They are annoying in a number of ways. First, the whole row screams at your men. Your men start running. They try to disengage and either get killed/damaged or they run away. Meaning you’ll have to reposition them again, meaning they’ll be exposed to disengagement attacks at beginning of next turn.

To sum it up: there are too many Lost Souls and it’s too easy to make everybody flee. I think Lost Souls shouldn’t be employed en masse and go as support with some other undead units instead. And there should be more ways to counter fleeing in panic except taking a perk. Even high morale can’t protect you against 18 Lost Souls yelling at you in a row.

Sure, if you have people who always hit anything they aren’t a problem, but we shouldn’t only look at enemies when we’re in the end game.

By the way, aren’t ranged weapons limited to 5% against the Lost Souls?