Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoInvictus73

Hmmm, maybe not. I got a perfect fight to test both comparatively: Orc lair, since Orcs come forward for melee convenience.

In 4 rounds, my best melee guy did 2400 (his weapon broke, and he could’ve taken one more swing but for that break); best archer did only 1200, in spite of the fact that he seemed to attack and kill more.

I am very perplexed. One possibility is: Perhaps archers tend to bypass armor and kill, whereas melee axes destroy everything, flesh and armor and shield? (I assume armor and shield damage show up in the overall final damage tally).

But then maybe this is an unfair test for archers, since Orcs come straight forward and are heavily armored and tough to kill.

Still, I can’t find a better enemy to test comparative DPS.