Reply To: Real Value of Ranged Brothers

Avatar photoInvictus73

2281 damage in two rounds and 8 kills (really in 1 round, because the guy did nothing in the first round, I believe). That is the power of pure melee DPS spec (I wonder what he could’ve done if he had “Strong” Trait and could take one extra swing and possibly more through the Battle Flow constantly triggering). I don’t think a ranged DPS can even do 1000 in 1 round in the most ideal scenario with improbable RNG luck, muchless over 2000, as this guy apparently did.

Of course, he had a good tactical set up. Start the 2nd round surrounded by partly hurt enemies (the first round swing killed 2 and badly wounded another, and we were off to the races). Still, it’s not like this guy even had such great stats, so he’s not even pushing the full potential of the build.