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What’s the best way to recycle mercenaries on offer for hire until you get the one you want? I Just hire and dismiss nonstop to renew the hiring pool. Is there a quicker and lesss costly way?

If you prefer result over hardship, you can do this:
Every 4 days, there are new arrival on hire list and previously existed ones might (or might not) leave. City has most people to hire. Do not enter the city for 8~12 days (or more), and all old recruits will be gone. Save the game.

*The hire list is NOT DETERMINED until you have entered the city.

for rally bots, you need Fearless for the highest Resolve?

For rally brothers, Adventurous noble with Fearless trait probably yields highest Resolve available, so far none has stated an objection against this.

“Fearless” and “Strong” Adventurous Noble with sixty sixy Resolve!!!

It might be shameless for me to say this, but I think I’ve told you quite an amount of information for past few days.

To be fair, I think it’s time for you to teach me black magic.