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With both Strong & Dexterous trait, you only have about 130 max fatigue and 55 melee skill…
Do you have no shame at all, Robert?
Why don’t you take a good look at Jaffai’s Gunnar?
What do you mean that’s all black magic?
People who give excuses are lame, Robert. Good bye.
/kick Robert

Well, I had a “Strong” Hedge Knight with only 114 Fatigue! Pathetic. Of course I really did dismiss him! ;)

I tried your trick of getting heroes: And it is faster than the conventional way, but the last few ones are really hard to get. I succeeded in getting 2 “Fearsome” Adventurous Nobles, 2 “Strong” sellswords, 2 “Strong” Hedge Knights, 2 “Quick” Swordmasters, but only 1 out of the 4 “Quick” Hedge Knights I want so far.

I should’ve staggered these recruitments, but your method at first was so easy that I ended up with six wholly raw recruits at one time, which made leveling really slow (I had zero DPS unit that was not a raw recruit at one point, and at that point it was basically Steel Cohort, and evey fights against roving Orc Youngs took 10 plus rounds!)

P.S. I have a screenshot of my melee DPS (the new guy) doing 4300 in five rounds (both his weapons broke, so I could’ve done more). How do I take a screenshot when my printscreen button (among a few others) is broken? I want to show you this screen, because it shows I didn’t have a full team, half the extant team were still raw recruits, and I still did insane DPS with zero HPs lost on any unit. (So the claim that melee DPS cannot DPS big numbers without being unsafe is simply false.)

Anyways, I am certain 1k or so per round numbers I’ve hit several times over 3 plus rounds can be replicated easily once I get my new keyboard delivered, so no sweat.