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In case you didn’t know this, F5 is quick save, F9 is quick load.

Ah, I didn’t. Thanks!

Anyway, how do you farm exp? I try and unveil orc lairs(with green text) without destroying them, so orc units will keep spawning. This is my most efficient method to farm exp, though I still find the exp rate low. Not sure how long, maybe 3~6 hours for me to raise lv1s to lv11s.

I need money; so I simply wait repeatedly hand in the “raze x” quests. But I prefer Orc ones over the others, as they are the quickest kills, since they come straight at you and don’t get too cute.

If you want to convey your information to me, I don’t need the screenshot because it can’t talk. I need you. (well, screenshot should be handy in a different scenario such as team analysis but not in our case)

You are confusing me again! :(

Let me guess what happened before you tell me the answer. High damage per round dealt by a single brother probably has to fulfill two or three conditions:
1) the brother steps forward alone while other brothers are at rear, so he attracts all the enemies
2) there are a lot of enemies, but with moderate toughness which can be kill in about 2 hits. That’s why the brother can keep moving down enemies with his Perfect Berserk Flow. If enemies are all orc warriors, there’s probably no way he can keep his stamina running.
3) you might have Rally brothers for stamina regen, this might or might not be necessary depends on situation.

Okay, your turn. Let’s see how much I’ve guessed correctly. Try to be detailed as possible. Because I want to find out if it’s something I’ve never learned or discovered. If yes it is probably something extremely useful. Though I suspect it’s something I know. It might be the similar situation when I trained my recruits with only a few DPS brothers. But I have never achieved such high numbers with single DPS brother nor I let a single DPS brother done all the work before. So I can’t be sure at all.

#1 was not really the case, but #2 and 3 were indeed so.

The details, as far as I recall:

The set up, to begin with, was unusual. There were only two DPS guys who could functionally DPS at this time, instead of my usual four: One melee and one ranged. This is because one melee was out of commission, since I had stripped him to compare his raw stats with a new recruit, and I forgot to put his equipment back on. (So I am carrying three melee DPS guys until I can find those damn Quick Hedge Knights.) The other ranged was too low level after being recently recruited. In all total, there were in fact six relatively new recruits, so most of them either advanced and Shieldwalled, or stayed back and shot x bows. To give you a good idea of damage output, except these two DPS guys, no one else did over 300! (The ranged guy did 2100, so not bad, though still only half of the melee guy.)

Enemy wise, it was in an Orc lair, with exponentially more Orcs than usual (31, I think), since the roving bands combined with the base defenders. Most of the rovers must have been younglings or berserkers who died in one or two hits, since there were more of them than usual in an Orc base.

So this is how it proceeded: The ranged guy opened with a nice barrage (at least 10 shots in the first round, though less than my record of 13, albeit resuscitated by the two captains, as you shall see) took a few front row berserkers and younglings down. Crossbows then partially damaged some more. Four or five melees then advanced, but all of them either Shieldwalled after contact or swung once and then Shieldwalled, since most of them were recent recruits and didn’t have the Melee Defense to protect themselves adequately without a Shieldwall. Then my melee DPS Perfect Focusued and went on a truly outrageous one or two shot streaks (mostly one shot) with his greataxe. After the two Captains blew their load(s), my ranged and melee DPS went off again, so it was a devastating carnage. Most of the kills were in the first two rounds.

I think the unusual situation in this fight was two: First, bcause there were 31 Orcs, there was a boatload of (soft) targets even for melees, so not much time was wasted walking around. Second, because I had so few DPS guys functional, essentially two people had to kill those 31.

Good. You’re doing better than what I’ve expected. At this rate, you’re going to get naked soon ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Sorry, scale is the least clothing I am prepared to wear! ;)