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Perfect Focus breaks a weapon FASTER but not HARDER. Perfect Focus uses weapons in an extremely extreme way, where time is frozen until the user can’t lift a finger at all. Of course this will make the weapons look fragile.

Also, if you tend to use AREA ATTACKS of 2h weapons very frequently, you’re actually dealing FAR LOWER damage/durability. If I’m not mistaken, it doesn’t matter how much damage you dealt, your weapon durability will reduce by 4 EVERYTIME it touches an enemy’s armor. On the other hand, the durability WILL NEVER DECREASE if the weapon hits enemy’s body.

You should remember to switch the weapon to avoid it from breaking.
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As a reference or illustration:
Greatsword’s Overhead Strike provides 826 total dmg for each inventory slot (118 average body dmg x 7 times before broken). Let’s multiple this number by 1.5x(a simply decided multiplier) because some enemies have no armor and armor dmg is 1.45x of body dmg(overhead strike) = about 1200 dmg per inventory slot (extremely conservative estimation)

in large scale battle where 6000 dmg is required to be dealt, you ONLY need to bring 5 greatswords WITH 12 brothers (5/36 inventory slots), if you switch them away timely none will break.

What if I’ve failed to defeat necromancerS timely or zombieS keep reviving, you ask? ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Okay~~ Okay~~~ you can bring 3 more weapons!!! (5/36 inventory slots ==> 8/36 inventory slots) Are you happy now? щ(ºДºщ)
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While we still at weapon durability/ammo, I humbly request Devs to increase the ammo in quivers by 5. Melee weapons do not degenerate against body or when hits are missed but ranged weappn will still use ammo EVEN if it missed. I suspect this improvement will disrupt the game balance a little but everyone needs a little more motivation to use ranged weapons. Otherwise ranged weapon and ranged perk have even less value and meaning.