Reply To: Weapons degenerate too fast


Weapons actually breaking is extremely rare and generally not due to extended use but one single improper use that bends the weapon in a way it cannot bend, shattering it. Weapons can dull over time, and the grip can loosen over time so it is less effective than when it is new, but these things take a *long* time and can be repaired. I think we should totally change the way weapon durability works. The more durability damage a weapon takes, the less damage that weapon does, and there should be a minimum multiplier for damage, (Ie; the lowest multiplier possible is 0.5). On top of that, there should be a very low chance that the weapon fully breaks every time the weapon is used. This chance should be something like 0.1% as it is an extremely rare occurrence. If we want to keep our current weapon durability system, the weapon should at least not be completely 100% lost after the battle, as that’s kind of silly.