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>> Weapons actually breaking is extremely rare and generally not due to extended use but one single improper use that bends the weapon in a way it cannot bend, shattering it.
True. You can easily break a wooden spear. But you might have very hard time to break something like this.

>> Weapons can dull over time, and the grip can loosen over time so it is less effective than when it is new, but these things take a *long* time and can be repaired.
Let me supplement something to further support your point. If the blade is chipped and parts are loosened, yes you can repair it. But you probably can’t the repair damage done to the core of blade(sword) or pole(spear). You have to replace almost the entire thing.

It requires an unknown amount of battles or years for a metal weapon to absorb enough impact to be weakened. When it happens, a sword will actually break like what you’ve seen in movies. Otherwise a sword will only break if you swing it against pillar with strength of superman.

With all things said, real weapons don’t break easily, so how do we incorporate realistic weapon durability system into game?

>> I think we should totally change the way weapon durability works. The more durability damage a weapon takes, the less damage that weapon does
>> I like the idea of weapon losing effectiveness as durability gets lower and lower

This is more or less related to sharpness of weapons with blades.
How about blunt type weapon? They won’t lose much efficiency due to repeated use because they do not rely much on sharpness.
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It’s not easy to make weapon durability system in a game to be realistic & fun, though I want to see that happen. If it happens, I want armor durability system to be realistic too, otherwise the incoherence make will the system looks weird. Anyway, I find the current durability system satisfying.