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Slightly easier way to train newcomers with veterans

“Moar! I’m stronger! STRONGER!!!”
You didn’t realize your expression until you take a look at mirror.
Your tongue is out, saliva drips uncontrollably, and the looks in your eyes are crazy.

Trying so hard to brainwash yourself to be motivated enough to raise lv1s to lv11s, otherwise you won’t survive hours of grinding.

It’s time to put down all those savage methods.

Wanna kick the old members and replace them with better ones?
Wanna try new build?

Wanna pass the duty to next generation by raising new men? Let’s do it in a gracious and leisure way.

1) find a border town in southeast, which can be easily attacked from all directions
2) scout all nearby areas to reveal orc lairs, do not destroy them
3) check quests to reveal more orc lairs, do not destroy them
4) optional: not sure if this helps, take out all nearby non-orc lairs
5) stay close to the town
6) gentle remove “Shakespeare: The Complete Works 2nd Edition” from the shelf.
7) from time to time, take a peek at the monitor

Remember, the more Shakespeare you read, the stronger your troops become.