Reply To: I want this game to succeed (Feedback to devs)

Avatar photoRusBear

Well respected developers, foremost i want to clarify the following: I bought this game – and I’m very pleased with it. I advised to buy it to my friend, who does buying games once in a hundred years – when great Jewish holidays are taking place)) – and if you can imagine – he does bought this game too – and pleased either. Surely you don’t know all the details, but believe me this is enough to state – this game is awesome, based on an excellent foundation and is playable already. That’s why a long term question appeared.
We all understand, that the most exciting part in such game – is the beginning… and further party development, new features discovering, won battles over the previously prohibitive enemies, looting better equipment, completing quests marked “Impossible”. But afterwards 11th level will come.. or 100th doesn’t matter. What IS matter – that the playing process loosing most of fun – when your talented (or not) tactical solution works well. It IS great that there are no ultimate imba weapons, armors or “get X level and win ’em all”-perks in BB. It IS great but there’s still question: well, they’ll rise level cap from 11 to 111, they’ll design 3 perk branches more, but what about the opponents?
And main question emerges now: What would we wait from the game? Will developers go by the easiest way of opponents leveling system? Will we encounter an Orc with dragon-like HP-stripe? Will we face 200 bandits in everyday battle? This way is simple and boring. Or maybe our mercs will age, get perk-penalties with wounds or retire to organize their own parties. I think such a question generates some interest not only for me. So I want to know what do you think about this? And if your choice (as I hope) is not a simple way – so what future “late game content” do you prepare with this point of view?
And last for now – I’m sure you understand such a question had appeared only because BB deserves many hours of gameplay, and shouldn’t be complete fast.