Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner


Your works is awesome! Can’t wait to see new armors in game. The last two armors purely gorgeous!!

But here is a question about ‘dirtiness’ of armors, especially Gambeson and maybe Basic Mail Shirt: unlike others ‘a bit dirtied’ they look worn out and dirty as if the wearer was drunk sleeping in a ditch repeatedly (that’s cool in a way: mercenary life, full of hardships) – is this the only intended version or will there be ‘brand new clean’ version of armors, which eventually degrade to shabby look as youк brothers wear it to battle, damage and repair? Because if you buy new armor from armor shop(smithy) and it looks like that – it feels totally like fraud.
I know, anything could happen and maybe shop keeper just bought that one earlier this morning from some pitiful fellow and now offers to you as if it’s new.. Such a bold move.