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But it is a lesser armor than the heraldic mail isn´t it?

We will change the order of some of the armors. Heraldic Mail will not stay at the top of the armor progression, which makes sense if you just take a look at the reworked scale and lamellar armors :)

is this the only intended version or will there be ‘brand new clean’ version of armors, which eventually degrade to shabby look as youк brothers wear it to battle, damage and repair?

That sounds like an awesome concept. Have you played Farc Cry 2? You could see your weapons getting dirtier with use and if you didnt clean them they would get jammed when firing or even exploded. This immersive and awesome feature unfortunately never appeared again in any shooter as far as I know.
Although something like this would be fun and technically doable in BB, It would mean a lot of work for me and I can’t afford that at the moment.

You do make a horned helmet for this game as a rare named item, however, Paul?

Theres none planned at the moment, but who knows what will happen? :)

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