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Avatar photoHoly.Death

We stack heavy because it’s the only real protection. If you’d maybe counterbalance that with adding more dodge and evade skills mechanics it may be more effective to fight large, lumbering orcs in light, agile armour, quickly striking and retreating, thus keeping your guy alive.

That’s a good point. What about making lighter armor increasing melee defense bonus and/or decreasing the chances of being hit while moving through enemy control zone(s)? This, in addition to changing the armor system, should give people the incentive to use armor (because it’d give protection) but not the thickest there is (because heavy armor would be more limiting that light armor).

Only the game is currently so punishing with fatigue (even if I select I’ll make one strong guy my tank, but then the leveling gives me shitty stats, all 2’s and I can’t pump up his fatigue), if I give him not even the heaviest armour, but some level 3 or 4 stuff, he’s too heavy and only has enough stamina for one strike, then has to rest. Bit too restrictive if you ask me.

Well, what other drawbacks the heavy armor could have, besides costing more stamina to wear? I mean, real drawbacks? Perhaps you couldn’t move as far (it’d cost more fatigue/APs per tile)? Or it’d lower your melee defense, turning you into damage sponge (because your man is easier to hit, which could be both desirable or not: Desirable, because you’d make him into a tank and heavy armor could allow him to soak more damage. Undesirable, because with new armor system armor won’t soak everything and he might die. He could also be more susceptible to crossbows and javelins)?