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.. the basic style we have now will stay the same. At the very beginning of our project we experimented with a “drawn map” style, but it didnt really work out…..

Haha I just found this old mockup I did: -img- “World mock”

I like this one with “drawn” style, it would perfectly fit in as a “map” (don’t confuse with current worldmap, which represents in-game real world) which is needed especially when quest giver names settlement you’re unfamiliar with. Would be totally cool to have ‘show me on the map’ button besides ‘accept’ and ‘decline’ options. The map itself with little compass rose in the corner should be able to show whole world in one screen, even while it could be more inaccurate or sketchy than mockup, considering it’s medieval map, and depending on to whom the map belongs to according to the story (user or quest giver), have only friendly locations displayed with different icons for different location types, and two markers: your current location and final destination.
Certainly, you can argue that anyone can remember or write down the name, decline quest, leave town, look around worldmap as much as he likes and find named location obtaining all needed info, return to town, speak again to quest giver and accept the quest in the end..
But this horribly cripples outright kills immersion, because almost every quest written out as an event, often with very uncommon descriptions you wouldn’t believe could happen twice in a row. So to preserve it you either accept the quest or decline and never return to it.
I would even suggest to disable/hide the quests which were declined, or in case this is too much – change the ‘intro’ part of quest accordingly. For example, a merchant you decided to return to after checking other options and worldmap would mock you asking if you finally resolved yourself to take up his offer, and maybe cut your pay a bit (like 5-10 crowns) while at it. This would be much more immersive, while also a bit discourage behavior unbefitting for mercenary.