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Hey guys,
thanks for all the kind words, that really helps me out right now.
I pushed the number of armors in the game from 23 (before the rework) to 40. Although this includes some color variations its still quite a jump :)
Unfortunately the fun part (painting the armors) is over and I am now working on the dead body versions of all armors which is not fun at all.
Thats why there is nothing fancy to show today, well see if there is something tomorrow.

Also, a question, is there a nasal with closed ventail (mail?)

The helmet rework is still pending, I may add that helmet (no promise though :)

do those colored and clothed variants ever made it into the game?

I didnt forget about these. I will try to get them back into the game with the big worldmap and factions rework.

… now, about that skunk in the heraldry

The new banner system got put on hold for now as “nice to have”. I may take suggestions for Banner Emblems when I start working on the final system. I’ll let you guys know.

Any chance of throwing the odd bascinet or barbut in? Both were present during the 11th and 12th century and they would bring both nice gameplay variety and fit in the armour scale.