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I am entering a bit late here, but let me answer a few things:

Have the spawning rules for enemy groups been changed? I was obliterated within the second day. First encounter: the tutorial one, no problems. Second encounter: “challenging” or “deadly” (don’t remember exactly) bandits

The second encounter should always be the abandoned graveyard right next to the city. It is visible from the start and intended to get your bros some more fighting experience and money.
Challenging enemies are superior to your troupe, hence the name. If you fight an “even” group the chances of winning are considered to be 50/50. Hence the name “even”.
Spawning rules have not been changed, excpet for werwolves, those are now smaller groups and shouldnt be a problem to deal with anymore.
Enemy groups shouldnt move faster than you on the worldmap, especially if they have more men than you, so its possible to avoid encounters with superior enemies.

1. The game also got considerably harder in the early stages. Lethality amongst my brothers is higher than ever. The new armor system + an AI that focus fires fairly well means that I suffer losses in engagements that I would have considered “easy mode” before this patch.

The rules of the game have changed quite a bit and you will have to adapt to survive :)
This isnt even the fginal game yet and there will be tons of features added and rules changed in the future.

Under the new patch, you will still hire a few cheap guys to get your company started but they tend to suck. Only the expensive backgrounds seem to give you real quality. In contrast, these backgrounds now give much better stats than ever before.

The only things we changed are that you cant see the added bonus to stats anymore and that specialized backgrounds (hunter for example) dont suck in their area of expertise.
“weak” backgrounds have not been touched :)

I hope the next point on your to-do-list is a world map overhaul:

It absolutely is :)

another long time issue: it would be nice to have more contracts available

That will be part of the worldmap rework

Last but not least, a big compliment: This is an exceptionally well run early-access!

Thanks man!

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