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the first meeting with a group of weak goblins or equal = a new game. New game and avoiding a battle with them in the future. I do not think this is what you wanted.

One important thought we had in mind when designing the goblins is, that they should be viable End-Game opponents. Before we only had the Orcs who could more or less keep up with player progression.
I know it is hard to think of goblins as enemies you meet on eye level, as they are mostly cannon fodder in other games. It is no shame to avoid Goblins for the first few fights (just as you would avoid orcs) and then start fighting them once you are stronger.

I truly dont understand what keeps people from picking their fights according to the strength of their group. You have to play a few times until you learn whom you can fight or not.
On top of that I sometimes wonder why many streamers decide to do a “blind playthrough” and then get wiped because they have no idea about what enemies they can fight at early levels…..

The dog is almost useless

I admit you have to be very careful when to unleash a dog. The Dog is not an additional battle brother, it just takes time to learn when to best use him.

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