Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photomrbunnyban

Thanks for the correction, the nets/entangle do not reduce attack. Huh.

One important thought we had in mind when designing the goblins is, that they should be viable End-Game opponents. Before we only had the Orcs who could more or less keep up with player progression.

AHA! That is the problem, right there. Essentially, all those goblins we’ve been fighting are the equivalents of ORC WARRIORS, NOT YOUNG ORCS. So even though we fight smaller number of goblins and thus the rating thinks the goblins are weaker, the fact that we’re fighting end-game enemies which easily slaughter larger number of battle brothers. Consider making goblin rookies which players can fight more easily in the early game.

Mind, I even changed up my strategy to fight them goblins at night. It helped, but I still got slaughtered, haha. That’s about right though, considering I’ve been picking fights with orc warrior equivalents instead of young orcs. I should have realised that sooner.