Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photoRusBear

40 in game days. 10-11 level. Some captured ballistae – crossbows from goblins ( sweet revenge – small disgusting creatures…ARRRGH!) Some guys in armor for 6000. Generally the party veterans. And this party has a few questions :
1. On map still a couple spots labeled “impossible”. I’m almost afraid to guess what it is. There is a lair of orcs terminally labeled “deadly” whit 24 heavy Orc warriors is also not particularly have the desire – I just can’t hardly kill 5 of these… so here’s the question…um this is for witch level of the party such buildings? :)
2. During all of these 40 days I only had 4 ( four) events : I met someone questionable in the way, my hedge knight won the tournament, my dumbass ran over the grass into the forest, and I bought a round of beer for the traveling monk. Any events associated with the continuation and only one tied to the background of the character. As it should be? I would prefer more events following each other in accordance with the selected option for the development and depend on the actions performed by my team of mercenaries. I hope that in the upcoming change to the world map it all will be addressed and altered.