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what do you think of these old-timers using “antique” weapons like slings & bullets, pillae or glaives?

Thats the plan, they will get their own set of antique weapons. Anything from celtic to germanic and similar. Their shields will look accordingly (coffin shape, oval etc) and of course their haircuts (suebian knot anyone?). While opting for that antique look I dont want to stay too close to a singular culture, I take the liberty to mix it up a bit.
The plan is to make it very obvious that these guys have been lying in the ground for ages, so I decided to let them use equip that even looks old in a medieval world. The Lore will be adjusted accordingly and separate them further from the zombies, allthough they still stay in the same faction.
Thanks for the skull compliment :) I swear I dont have any hidden obsessions hehe.

I am not a fan of the “van Helsing” or “witch” hats on the Necromancer or Witch Hunte

Thats a matter of taste, of course I can understand. Most Necromancers will still sport the good old hood nevertheless. Just mixing it up a bit.

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