Reply To: Pip's Big List of Stuff, round 2 (Gobbos!)


PS: Did you kill all the other “final” locations apart from the Obelisk? That one is just the undead version

Not yet. The semester just started :(

– Perksystem and stat system will be intertwined in a way that will make for a lot more interesting choices
– An Early game Goblin should be added but whe are hesitant to do it now, as all faction progression will be reworked in the worldmap overhaul anyways
– Named Weapons are just some candy until we get to implement legendary weapons. Stat wise they are always the best weapons in their category. If any named Noble Sword isnt straight up better than a normal named sword, thats a bug.
– Silent Storm is awesome :) We need more games like that!

Sorry for the short version, but my time is limited :(

I hope you still enjoy this unfinished version of the game. Theres a lot more to come

Sweet! And yes, I am enjoying the game, if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t write long posts about it on the forums :D

Keep up the good work!