Reply To: Pip's Big List of Stuff, round 2 (Gobbos!)


From another thread

Now we added the Great Goblin City, the Fortress of the Warlord (Orcs) and the Raiders Stronghold (bandits).
These are absolute Endgame Locations. I suggest all bros should be lvl 11

So, as a new answer to your question: yes, I’ve done Raiders Stronghold. Honestly, it was so easy I didn’t realize it was an endgame place. I haven’t discovered the other two yet. I cleared a pretty big Goblin place awhile ago, so it might have been the GGC.

I’m not complaining about the difficulty, mind you. I’m pointing out that building a kickass team takes away from the personality of your Bros. And I’ve tried building a team where I maintain “personality” and it’s simply not as effective.

Obviously, not every build will be viable in the completed game. I also don’t know what you have planned for the perk/stat upgrade, so I look forward to that :D