Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!


You are absolutely right. Even weak goblins – a deadly danger for the party level 1-5. A shot from a crossbow overseer – a 1- shot circulated to all who are not health above 60 hp and not wearing armor more than 100. But I played in the new patch more than 300 days of play different teams, and came to the conclusion that in fact the most dangerous enemy is 10-12 Orc Warriors. Top armor and weapons allow you to easily straightened with goblins- arbalester 11 level is likely to kill a goblin with a single shot and hit him in spite of the overcharge protection of these small creatures. but Orc Warrior in New patche- special enemy – this game is simply no such armor and shields to withstand their onslaught, and no such weapons to allow you to kill them earlier than you run out of fatigue. limit the level of 11 and this +2 to melеe atack and def just will not let you bring up such brothers- who could effectively defend themselves and inflict damage on them.