Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!


I find goblins weakest of all races. And i play deadly, ironman mode. People are just lazy and don’t change equipment and tactics according to what type of enemy is encountered. For goblins u need big shields on everyone, preferably feral or kite shields. All archers must change weapon to bow because of the extra range needed to snipe ambushers. Also dogs, as many as you can find. Just focus everything on ambushers, without breaking defensive line. Cuz thats when the skirmishers enter. 37 days in without save scumming. Eating goblins like bananas. Just beaten army of them supported by shaman without losing one guy. Please, if game is too hard, choose easier difficulty. Not cry on forums and try to destroy fun for me. Or other people who like tactics.

Edit: Forgot to add, i always fight goblins during day because i trust my archers. Also i hate night battles. Nearly as much as trees and every other thing that obscures the grid and pieces on it. Can somebody make “stumps only” mode?