Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!


Ya ok sure, Goblins are weaker than Bandits… ya credibility lost.

Bandit thugs are just peasants, but they belong to wide race known as human.

So you have enough money to buy all the needed gear and all of your guys have the luxury of having kite shields? Good for you, you encountered them mid-game. Try getting jumped early game and tell me how you do. When you are poor, you don’t have gear and you certainly don’t have an armory to choose from. If goblins are a mid-end game creature, then keep them there. Don’t blow up my early game progress with ambushers on a caravan mission.

Thats why u have feral shields. Easy to get your hands on. Dont even tell me that u got defeated on caravan mission:DD These are the easiest u know.

If you are above a 10% chance to hit with a bow, you have enough levels to hold your own.Once again having dogs is a luxury. Especially if you started on deadly.

Now i feel that once any of your brothers is dead, you just surrender. You gave got to try man.

Look who wins the pompous jerk award.
1. You are Arrogant- you got lucky if the first instance of you fighting goblins was when you had a full armory.
2. You are Ignorant- The difficulty of the game does not change stats in any way, just starting gold.
3. You make ASSumptions- Don’t assume I don’t like/love tactics, but having a high tier creature set destroy a low level merc group and the city they ran to is ridiculous for any game.
3. A breakdown is not “crying”, its say “hey do something about the goblins at low levels.”

I had 2 bands of goblins on caravan missions, didnt have feral shields nor dogs. But still. It was caravan mission.

This, this is what really destroys any credibility you have and tells me you are trolling. I mean seriously, I could care less if they “nerf” the goblins, I just don’t want an enemy I have no chance of beating on the map within 1 hour of starting.

You just “dont want”? Nice. My 3 years old son, “dont want” to brush his teeth. Im not gonna even comment on all these insults. Cuz clearly you are underage.