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All I did with my breakdown is compare them to the average “useful” battle brother. The scores are a perception of what I have experienced in the game. I AM NOT COMPARING THEM TO ORCS BTW. I don’t really have issues with orcs late game, but that is another discussion.

I have over 200hrs put into this game, starting over at least 50+ times, either bc the game got boring in the late game or I was playing mock “Ironman” and restarting when things got so bad I felt the need to do so. Goblins mid-late game are not nearly as scary. I have all I need to be able to kill them w/o problem. Crossbows, kite shields and plenty of experienced men.

My argument is Early game is a huge problem. I can reload now, but later when the real ironman mode comes, I don’t think it is right to put a foe like this against a bang of noob mercs.

Instances of why I feel this way,

Battle, Rush Gobbers with Shield wall.
-Get shot by 3 archers, sometime hitting in the head, and being near death on turn one ( at this point you know they are dead unless they retreat). Multiply this by a couple rounds and everyone is dead or near death. Not to mention the bolas hits. If a goblin can drop a fully armored high hp beast, they have no issues with a new merc squad.

Battle, engage Ambushers (ninjas) with several well “early game” armored warriors, goblin ninja pulls out uber knife and stabs high level brother in the face killing him. Gobber then proceeds to double stab piercing through armor and slaying other brothers. Losing half my brothers is not a victory even it it says so.

The 6 vs 30 thing was not my post but I can relate bc I have personally seen that happen as well.

Squibie there is a difference, your posts were trollish and aggressive. Their posts are well thought out and passive. I like how you disregard other posts agreeing with me.

I never bring my heavily armour guys to fight against knifes, not without heavy shields and good experience. knives finding weak spots in the armour is reasonable (I do admit damage penalties the thicker the armour is) and it forces me to use troops with less armour and less experience against the ambushers, because they have the same level of difficult as my plate mail guys, exept with less to loose if they die. And to prove that they’re worth their slat in the company. Besides, I’ll be dispatching skirmishers so quickly, almost all the ambushers run for the hills without a second thought.