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will we be seeing different breeds of dogs in the future, or will we largely be seeing color variations as we do presently?

Different breeds are not planned yet but we have the idea for a “kennel” building in the towns where you could get special wardogs. If we implement the kennel, chances are pretty high we will also put some more work into the wardogs across the board.
But I mention again: until we get the whole worldmap rework done, nothing else will be touched :)

if custom banners are eventually added, will there be plans to have shields available that somewhat match the banners?

If we really go for the custom banner generator, according shields will most probably not be possible. As we dont have textures like a 3d game we cant just take the custom banner and paste it onto any shield as a texture.
Therefore I have to create according shields as sprites. The generator I designed allows for hundreds of combinations which would be way too much work.
Otherwise if we just add a wide variety of predesigned shields (like mount and blade) according shields would be possible.
We have not decided how to approach this yet.

Hey Paul show us some of your art ;)… I didn’t see here anything long time. I’m sure everyone will appreciate it.

True, here you go!

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