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What we will try to implement at least is a two-layer system for shields. So even though we cant recreate all banners, we we can at least show color and emblem in different combinations.

Honestly, I think that’d be great and more than enough. I mean, for instance: having a banner with a white-and-red background with a black axe in the center and golden trim along the bottom is cool, but a shield with a white OR red background with the black axe atop it would work perfectly fine for my glorified vagabonds – I mean, mercenaries.

1-2 colors + the emblem would be more than enough, honestly, if that’s easy to produce. I’m not an artist so I don’t know how easy or hard that is.

Liking those smithies you posted, by the way.

One more question for the time being: What sort of sources of inspiration will you be using for your building art? The blog post about the village rework showed some buildings that definitely seemed German to me, but also some that made me think of a Norse outpost. Namely:

The buildings in the background near the fort specifically gave me that Norse vibe. So, yeah: I’d love to know what cultures you’re examining when working on your art, or if there are any specific castles / towns you’re basing designs off of.