Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photozolw

I agree with most of the things already mentioned in the feedback, I just wanted to add another voice to stress that having a locked +2 to melee skill on level up is an absolute fun-killer now, at least for me.
It is actually the first build of the game that I don’t enjoy playing, as I feel for the first time that despite all the choices and all the perks, I am forced to play a certain way, a way I don’t like.
If you add to it the huge hike in prices, making hiring even a single battle brother from a certain background absolutely impossible for a long time (and I am talking bastard, disowned noble and so on,) it makes for even fewer choices and a tougher initial grind.
Goblins… I am not even sure what to think of them. I haven’t even had the patience to play long enough through the frustrating level up process to encounter the more deadly kinds, the supposedly weaker ones wipe the floor with my men. I hope the labelling of their group changes because at the moment pretty much every gobling group is deadly early in the game.
Before I realised that I have been locked into having only +2 skill points to melee, I was actually going to suggest that now, with different kinds of challenges involved, it is very difficult to choose which stat NOT TO increase on level up, so it might be time to do away with 2 as minimum value for any stat. That way you would actually feel rewarded for surviving initial deadly early days.