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    Avatar photoHarry_Krishnaa

    jeehhaaawwwwwwwwww i got 2 named shields…
    now i am happy :)

    Avatar photoAktenschredder

    I had some time to try over the weekend and the small adjustment since have improved balance considerably. Thank you! Good work!

    Some thoughts:

    – The early game is still a lot harder than the mid-game. The start (until you have level 3-4 mercs) is the biggest challenge. This is a bad difficulty curve; it should be the other way around.
    – A lot during the early stage depends on luck. Do you run into goblins/werewolves that you can’t outpace too early?
    – Some enemies are a lot more useful than others. Early on you want to fight bandits because they give you valuable equipment. Werewolves only provide meager plunder and orc weapones/shields are horrible fatigue-wise. Goblins and skeletons are somewhere in the middle. In others words: early game success largely depends on finding the right enemies – bandits! It would be nice if the factions were better balanced loot-wise.
    – Most goblin parties I have met so far were ranged (ambushers + skirmishers); these bands are easy prey during the night but can wreck you during daytime. Perhaps the nighttime penalties are a bit too steep whereas goblin ranged units are a bit too accurate during the day?

    Avatar photoRusBear

    in anticipation of the new update, which as mentioned, should bring the system to the reputation of the group, I wish to draw attention to the not quite logical, in my opinion, the rewards for the quest to destroy the lair. I got a job for 2000+ to destroy the lair of the bandits. 26 the bandits, the leader, raiders – no problem, 1-2 mercenary only minor injuries. The next job for the same 2000+ on a camp of orcs – 24 Orc, Orc leader, 8 Orc warriors, 6 Berserkers and young orcs. minus 2 mercenary, in the absence of manifest error to tactics on my part and even some luck with 2 hits of 2 hand axe. In General, the next time I’m gonna to refuse such job . With the reputation system – it will be load the game – which is very bad. I think that if such awards illogical and conceived by the developers, it makes sense in the description of the quest to add at least hints at who we have to fight. If I were the commander of a group of mercenaries, before giving the floor to perform the contract I would try to learn everything about the problem and if It was something like this: “go there do not know where and kill you don’t know what 2000+ and if you can’t, we’ll fine you” – I would send these employers to hell.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    sorry for the double post unconstrained, but I think it is worth paying attention to the so to say the wrong calculation of the actual distance to the value of the contract for the delivery of NPCs. 230 – if I go directly through the forest is … no, I’m not going crazy and I’m not on the road it turns out across the map.
    this is not the first case of too low pay for the actual distance, despite the fact that the delivery times for the city that is in the 1/4 day on the right road severely offer 150 -200

    Avatar photoRusBear

    it is not clear – hits of these weapons realy have no restrictions on the damage that ignores armor – something like “100 damage of which 0-50 can ignore armor” – then it is current imbalanced weapon :) or this is a mistake in the description of the impact?

    Avatar photozolw

    I agree with most of the things already mentioned in the feedback, I just wanted to add another voice to stress that having a locked +2 to melee skill on level up is an absolute fun-killer now, at least for me.
    It is actually the first build of the game that I don’t enjoy playing, as I feel for the first time that despite all the choices and all the perks, I am forced to play a certain way, a way I don’t like.
    If you add to it the huge hike in prices, making hiring even a single battle brother from a certain background absolutely impossible for a long time (and I am talking bastard, disowned noble and so on,) it makes for even fewer choices and a tougher initial grind.
    Goblins… I am not even sure what to think of them. I haven’t even had the patience to play long enough through the frustrating level up process to encounter the more deadly kinds, the supposedly weaker ones wipe the floor with my men. I hope the labelling of their group changes because at the moment pretty much every gobling group is deadly early in the game.
    Before I realised that I have been locked into having only +2 skill points to melee, I was actually going to suggest that now, with different kinds of challenges involved, it is very difficult to choose which stat NOT TO increase on level up, so it might be time to do away with 2 as minimum value for any stat. That way you would actually feel rewarded for surviving initial deadly early days.

    Avatar photoBottlebrother

    Hi zolw,
    I complained about the same some time ago and even made some proposals about how to link the stat rolls to the brothers´ Background however the devs said that they will rework the whole skill & perk system and that it will be completely different in the long run…Right now I am not playing anymore because I find the skill system so underwhelming but I have 100% trust in the guys that they will come up with something great and original!!!

    We have to wait for the next upgrade!

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