Reply To: [suggestion] Shop work hours, time until inventory replenishes and etc


c.) create a part of interface that shows how much time i need to wait for the shop inventory to refresh
d.) allow me to place personal orders to the blacksmith “make me 6 noble swords, heres moneyz” “sure brah come back im 77 hours and they will be done” “brilliant, bye” “thank you, come again”.

I agree with this for sure. Eventually, these should both be in the game… And I think they will be, eventually. Fingers crossed.

DEFINITELY can’t wait until the day when I can order items ahead of time from a blacksmith. There’ve been so many times when I JUST wanted some pikes, and nobody was selling pikes, or I JUST wanted some extra tools, but the smithies weren’t selling any tools.

I’d also love it if you could have the blacksmith repair gear for you. Pay them, give them the gear, come back soon and get your equipment back.

Its a castle. The whole purpose of a castle IS to provide an armory 24/7. I should be able to trade with military outposts at any time during the day or night, thats military 101. Heck, i would argue that all shops should be opened 24/7, if not for reason sake, then simply for utility sake.

I’ll argue against this, though.

The purpose of a castle is to provide a bastion from which the noble that owns the place can manage the lands around him and perform his duty as protector of the people he lords over. A castle exists because it is integral to the feudal system: the serfs owe fealty to the lord, the lord owes fealty to the king, and thus the lord has to ensure that the peasants do well and pay their taxes and aren’t dying off en-masse or else he’s not performing his duty to the king. THAT is why a castle exists.

The armory is open 24/7… for the people that work at the castle. We, however, are just mercenaries. We’re scum to the noble and the people that work for him. They can sell excess gear to us at high prices, and they will, but only when it’s convenient for them. They certainly don’t want us tromping about the castle at night snatching weapons.

If we’re talking about forts instead of castles, the same argument applies. We’re still scum, and the fort is probably run by people who don’t care for our type. They don’t mind selling us things, but only in daylight when all the guards are awake and we can be watched intently. Again, a bunch of hooligans wandering the wilds looking for mercenary work aren’t the sort of people royal officials want around at night.