Reply To: [suggestion] Shop work hours, time until inventory replenishes and etc


I think the best solution would be to allow players to camp out in towns at increased speeds and get some sort of benefit for doing so – such as increased morale.

So, you get to a keep or a village or city. The store is closed because it’s night time. No matter: pay a handful of coins, get your men a room for the remainder of the night, and enjoy a small morale boost come the morning. You then go to the store the next morning because the night hours fly by quickly.

And there are some meaningful choices that come of having a night phase in which stores are closed. Namely: it pushes me to, perhaps, keep moving on to another town to resupply somewhere else. Rather than staying at this castle, I may decide to travel to the next village and see who I can hire or what jobs I can take. Sure, the equipment won’t be the same as at the location I’m presently at, but it pushes me to see the next place, check up on how other villages are faring, etc., because I’d rather know what’s going on around me rather than wait in one place. Other players may prefer to wait in one place, however.

The other way it factors in? You could be getting chased by monsters. It’s night time, your equipment is badly damaged, you run up to a keep… and they’re not going to sell you weapons and armor because it’s night time. Now you need to keep running until the undead break off to attack someone else or until you find a location that has the equipment you need.

It also becomes a factor when you’re traveling. If you decide to keep exploring one more week despite being low on food, you might find yourself needing to get supplies at the nearby town… only it’s night time. So, you’re encouraged not to overextend when exploring, but to always be well supplied with food and tools and medicine (which, later in the game, isn’t that hard to do).

Again, I think this will feel much more natural and work much better as soon as we can sleep in inns. It makes waiting not only easier, but also beneficial.

Since we as player are enemies to all enemies of human civilians (undead, bandits, orcs and wild animals) therefor castles should be friendly to us (regardless of the fact that human lords might not like mercenary bands going around). Enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Not so simple. You could be bandits in disguise. You’re a band of dudes that wanders around the countryside killing things for money. Are they sure you can be trusted?

Plus, the world is definitely steeped in medieval rhetoric. It has nobles and knights and commoners. You’re leading a ragtag bunch of commoners that get paid really well to kill people, and you don’t exactly pay much respect to the nobility and knights by doing so. Your very existence is kind of an insult to them: it means they’re not doing a good enough job protecting people, so you get paid to do their job for them.

So, you get paid better than soldiers (who hate you for that), you’re doing the work that noble leaders should be doing (so they hate you for that), you’re possibly robbers (so that’s hate-worthy too), and the typical band of Battle Brothers often includes some pariahs of society such as criminals, bastards, raiders, and hedge knights (all of whom are hated).

So, yeah: you’re fighting the same guy these guys are. But nobody really likes you, and nobody’s sure if you can be trusted. You’re not going to march into a castle at night and buy weapons. You gotta wait ’til daytime, when honest folk do business.