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Avatar photoSarissofoi

I’d totally love to see some Viking-style helmets for characters with the Raider background, myself. Eastern European armor would be pretty great, too. I foresee that a lot of cultures could potentially have their equipment implemented eventually, actually (from Muslim weaponry to flambergs to cavalry armor), but that’s probably in the far future.
One style of helmet that’s well out of this time period but is a personal favorite of mine is the morion – that helmet used by Spanish conquistadors, largely used during the 16th and 17th centuries. The cabasset is cool too. But again, those were helmets of a different time (pike and shot), so I doubt they’ll be included.
On another note: really liking the attached location artwork idea. Will you be drawing connections between the settlements and their locations (roads, dirt paths)? Will any of those locations (like hunting lodges) appear in the forest, or in the hills or mountains (mines)? And do you know if we’ll see monasteries?

Morion is my favorite too. Its look just ideal for mercenary band. But I also like kettle hat.
Seconded question about attached locations. Also want to ask if they are permanent and could be rebuild/resettled after being raided and destroyed? Can ruined/abandoned locations can be infested by beasts/zombies/bandits/other enemies?