Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies


-I understand the concept of glass cannons (no defense, all offense), and i have no problem with it in games.

However the issue here is about what the balance should be. If i spend 10 hours leveling up and gearing up a brother, he should not die in 2 hits. I mean thats just stupid. If people want that kind of challenge they can use highest difficulty setting, and give them ironman on top. Im playing at the lowest difficulty level and IMO getting damaged for 209 armor and 30-40% of your HP at level 8 is stupidly OP and out of balance. The “its a berserker, it should hit hard” argument is in this IMHO ridiculous. You can make the same argument for every single example of a game feature thats imbalanced. I understand that some people want ultra hard challenge (getting killed in 2 hits) but i dont, for example.

-That heather shield was destroyed from 1 shield breaking hit done by that orc standing beside the green armor guy, i believe it was wielding the common Orc axe. Again i find the argumentation weird. A shield is supposed to provide defense. If the enemy is capable of destroying your shield in 1 hit, then having a shield is almost utterly useless in a melee fight. Regardless of the fact whether it was destroyed by a two handed or one handed weapon. No shield should die in 1 hit. Otherwise shield and weapon as a style is out of balance compared to two handed weapon (because two handed weapon is supposed to have its damage output balanced by the fact that it wont deal damage every time because of shield defense). If you break the shield in 1 hit, then 2 handed is clearly superior. But for the record it got destroyed by the 1 handed Orc axe. And IMO thats just wrong. Wrecking a ~150 gold piece of equipment just like that. Definition of imbalanced.