Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies


With extensive experience of the game. I trained several groups with different variants of development and integration in the “iron man” to 11 levels with virtually no loss. Orcs won forts for 7000 :). I passed all stages of the hatred of goblins and shock to the bloodthirsty heathens revenge greens bastards and killing them by their own supervisors’s crossbow. I want to say that – 50% of all this “too cool” and misunderstandings and the fact that the enemy is considered to be too complicated – just disappear as soon as the developers introduce a system of perks display on enemies – and you’ll know exactly what skills have enemies and they can. 20% is the level of melee and ranged mercenaries def , 20% – level of attack and specialization, and 10% is the bugs :)