Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies


I’ll add my own two cents on the fighting ten orc warriors issue: that’s the sort of thing I do toward the late game. Toward the mid game, I prefer to only do that if I can get villagers or patrols to help me out, and usually that means “The village is under attack so I’d better risk defending it.” Heavily defended orc camps are definitely a late-game threat.

It’s pretty easy to wait for small squads to come out of a camp, and pick them off one at a time. After a while of taking out smaller parties belonging to a single camp, the rating of the camp itself will fall, and your odds against it will improve pretty substantially.

This is good advice. I’ve done this quite a bit.

The orcs are the only remaining challenge after you get decent equipment and five brothers to level 11. I’d like them to remain that way.

Basically, this point is also my opinion. Besides vampires, orcs are the only threat that’s really DEADLY late game. If they were suddenly made weaker, I’d feel cheated, honestly. They SHOULD be tough. They SHOULD be really dangerous. I SHOULD lose Battle Brothers fighting them.

As for fights, deny your enemies the high ground. Shield bash them away from high positions and take the ground for yourself.

A note of caution, though: in my experience, you can’t shield bash orc warriors off of high ground. I’ve tried it extensively and it never seems to work. I think they’re just too darned heavy to shove around. Young orcs and I think berserkers are a different story.