Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoDanubian

Next time you fight 30 Orc Warriors and Berserkers please take a screenshot, or better yet make a video, i would really like to see that.

And yes, sure, there are multiple ways of playing the game – if you wish to avoid fighting certain enemies / being utterly powerless against them.

Just take archers for example. Make a dedicated archer, and you got yourself a pretty useful character, until you run into Vampires and Orc Warriors. Then it becomes almost useless, and pretty much needs melee and utility skills (swapping weapons) to be of any use / have any hope of living. And although Vampires are an annoyance, they are survivable. Orc Warriors en masse are just OP.

Edit: how come for example i never see anyone complain about, say, those undead fully armored guys, Fallen Heroes i believe they are called?