Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

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Next time you fight 30 Orc Warriors and Berserkers please take a screenshot, or better yet make a video, i would really like to see that.

I’ll do my best to make it a video. I only did that once, because it was a REALLY risky thing. The enemy’s army comp was something like…

9 Orc Young
6-8 Orc Berserkers
12-14 Orc Warriors
1 Orc Warlord

And it was a darned nasty fight. I actually played the battle several times to see if I could get better results (keeping the result of the first encounter as the canon one). I varied from losing 1/2 my company to losing just 2 guys. I think the first fight had me lose 3 or 4.
Doable, but DANG was it tough.

EDIT: Oh, and there were a couple rounds where I outright lost that fight. Badly.

To my advantage, though, the terrain was incredibly swampy (so I fought the orcs in places where they were at disadvantages), I had a lot of polearms, and my guys were mostly level 11 with really good gear. At that point in the game, orcs are the only challenge that really remains.

Just take archers for example. Make a dedicated archer, and you got yourself a pretty useful character, until you run into Vampires and Orc Warriors. Then it becomes almost useless, and pretty much needs melee and utility skill (swapping weapons) to be of any use / have any hope of living.

I won’t argue with that. You’re absolutely right. It’s when when I fight vampires I tend to keep a guy with a shield or a REALLY big sword + perfect focus near the back lines to protect them. Shield-bashing vampires away and then pelting them with arrows can make your archer contribute a little more. Outright killing the vampire with a big axe can be better.

I hope the devs let us have more than 12 guys, but only let us field 12 troops at a time. It would be nice to be able to, say, replace our archers with our spare pikemen when we’re fighting vampires, or to swap out wounded guys with healthy but inexperienced troops. If I could even just have 18 troops so I have 6 slots to rotate, I’d be incredibly happy.