Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

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It is quite easy to get unlimited fatigue yourself. Just have two brothers with high resolve and take turns spamming the refill fatigue skill. Keep the other brothers in a circle around them and you can fight indefinitely.

It’s not quite unlimited fatigue, especially if your army uses Perfect Focus a lot. My Brothers usually do.

Note that in previous patches I would have agreed with you without question.

Going back to my previous example, I’ll probably have pikemen and archers and guys with greatswords all with Perfect Focus. I’ll have a couple of guys blowing horns if I go that route, yeah… But the problem is having two hornblowers standing next to each other won’t actually benefit the team as much as it did in previous patches.

Previously, your two hornblowers could blow in the same turn, grant their benefits in the same turn, and refresh each other pretty consistently. Now, though, as you’re limited to only one horn toot per round (every character can only be affected once), you’re far more limited in how much fatigue you can regain, and a guy that blows his horn can’t get the benefits of a horn toot that round.

Factor in how Perfect Focus works. For one turn, I can make sure that everything around me is laid to waste. Archers with Perfect Focus + the perk that regains fatigue upon killing an enemy, pikemen and swordsmen that are Farmers, Wildmen, Hedge Knights laying smackdowns all around… but after that round of righteous fury, their energy is spent, with very little fatigue left. You blow the horn and they should regain enough fatigue to keep fighting another round, sure, but a few turns later both my hornblowers are out of breath and need to take some time to recover. And woe betide me if I need to swap out one of the frontliners with one of my hornblowers thanks to a near-fatal injury, or worse, a fatality.

It’s not the same as having unlimited fatigue.

Again, undead are typically easy for me to fight, but if there’s a whole, huge mess of undead – overhwelming numbers with Fallen Heroes and Ghosts and Necromancers and anyone I happen to lose in that fight risen as a zombie – well… I could very easily lose a few men, or lose the fight if I make mistakes.

Show me a battle where you killed 10+ Orc Warriors. Screenshot, video, anything.

So, once the next big patch comes out, I’m looking at making a Let’s Play or similar series for Battle Brothers. I’m in a bad situation to record right now, but by then I should have some relative peace and quiet. It will be a no reloads game, so I’ll be careful and afraid in the early and mid game, but tackling a really powerful orc camp is on the list of things to do.

When I do, I’d actually love to get feedback, especially if I use tactics that seem unwise or the like. My level-up schemes aren’t perfect, I know that. But I’ve beaten odds like that before, as I mentioned earlier.