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To Danubian

screen shot to back up my big mouth:
I’ll definitely do that. I’ll make a point to post a pic tomorrow (halloween day). I’m about to end game raid an orc stronghold.

as for 10+ archers, you shouldn’t have that many as that leaves you with no flexibility and that’s why you can’t kill the orcs.

spearwall + crossbows doesn’t beat orcs, it only buys you more time to soften up their key units before the real (melee) fight starts

as for the bows vs crossbows thing, I will grant you that you don’t have to do anything and every archer can fire twice in a round. So can my crossbowmen. They can also move 2 spaces. I’ll post a screen shot of a crossbowman build tomorrow but the premise is that the only drawback crossbows have is their absurdly expensive reload. And this can be circumvented by 2 perks. Quick Hands and Bags and Belts. Together with a 2-handed weapon, your crossbowman will have 3 spare shots and they don’t have to be reloaded. Which means 2 rounds guaranteed of 2 shots per round. That’s more than enough opportunity to get a kill and then start landing 1 shot kills from there on out every round. And since I only use 1 shot per round there is no need to carry extra ammo beyond your 1 quiver. Also, crossbows can still be fired while in melee. They can’t be reloaded but they can be fired. Bow’s can’t.

As for where bows hands down beat crossbows is with the Perfect Focus feat. Reloading crossbows just costs too much fatigue for that. But I don’t see it as a bad thing because that means I can get Rage instead and have +50% damage per shot and that combined with +50% from Close Combat Archer means I have +100% damage (same as 2 shots) and all that damage combined with the fact that crossbows have better armor damage and higher %armor piercing means your guys will reliably kill in 1 shot.